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Aesthetic Treatments

Anti-wrinkle Injections Anti-wrinkle Injections Anti-wrinkle Injections Correct volume loss in cheeks Correct volume loss in cheeks circle Treatment of lipstick/smoker lines Treatments of lipstick/smoker lines circle Lip enhancement Lip enhancement Collagen simulating treatment Collagen simulating treatment circle Improve definition of jawline Improve definition of jawline circle Improve texture of crepey skin circle Improve texture of crepey skin Improve profile of chin and reduce dimples circle Improve profile of chin and reduce dimples Lift corners of mouth Lift corners of mouth circle Soften nasobial & marrionette Soften nasobial & marrionette circle Soften nasobial & marrionette circle Lower the top lip circle Lower the top lip Non-surgical Rhinoplasty circle Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Correction of dark circles/tear trough circle Correction of dark circles/tear trough Treatment for crows feet circle Treatment for crows feet Correct volume loss circle Correct volume loss Eyebrow lift & eyelid circle Eyebrow lift & eyelid

The Facial Aesthetics Clinic offers an advanced range of non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments, with our Nurse Practitioner Caroline Mertens, (RGN, Masters Degree Advancing Nursing Practice, Independent Nurse Prescriber, Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner).

Good communication is at the heart of our approach. All clients receive a free consultation, providing the opportunity to discuss your skin concerns and goals, and a thorough, assessment of your medical history and lifestyle. We will also take great care to assess your facial muscles, skin tone and texture. We are delighted to bring the latest skin scanning technology to our Guiseley salon, so that clients in Leeds, Bradford, Ilkley and West Yorkshire can benefit from sophisticated diagnostic techniques, including accurate measurement of wrinkle depth and size.

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£250.00 (2 areas e.g frown & forehead )

£300.00 (3 areas e.g. frown, forehead and laughter lines )

Dermal Fillers (Deep Filling)


Dermal Filler (Light Filling Treatments)


Lip Filler (Lasts up to 9 months)


Party Lips (lasts 6 weeks)


Tear Trough Filler Treatment


Nefertiti Face Lift


PDO Thread Lift


Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (Reshaping of the nose using Dermal Filler and Cannula Technique)


Gummy Smile Reduction