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25 Years of Running a Successful Beauty Salon

- 2017-06-26 | Sara Wellman

This month saw Bellissima Exclusive turn 25! How did that happen? It only seems yesterday I was the ripe old of age 20 after finishing my YTS two years previously at the Yorkshire College of Beauty ba

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From leaving school, to starting an apprenticeship... 

- 2017-06-02 | Katie Dawson

Beauty was something I always considered as a career path and when choosing what to do when I finished my last year of school I realised I had a growing passion for the field of beauty. It incorporate

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- 2017-04-05 | Claire Evans

Cellulite is something that has started to bother me over the last few years and according to statistics the other 90% of women in the world are affected with the condition too. Below are facts on Cel

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Mums the Word

- 2017-03-17 | Sara Wellman

Life is busy and can feel like your on a treadmill sometimes with just living your life. Kids, family and work. If you do stop and think for a moment, I bet most of us rely on our Mums whatever our ag

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Bellissima Exclusive welcomes Elizabeth Arden PRO® Cosmeceutical Skincare

- 2016-08-10 | Sara Wellman

Two Complimentary Pasts Combined to Make New History… Bellissima Exclusive welcomes Elizabeth Arden PRO® Cosmeceutical Skincare Range Change can be daunting but what if the change is

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Tailor-made Facials: Why Choose Us?

- 2016-06-29 | Sara Wellman

Whatever your skin type, a salon or spa Facial will make you feel relaxed and renewed. However, when choosing a Facial Treatment, it can sometimes be confusing to know which one to pick. You can

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