What are Blood Spots and what do they look like? 

Blood Spots are bright red vascular blemishes which lie just under the surface of the skin. You may have heard them described by the more unusual names of Campbell de Morgans or Cherry Angiomas.

These dome-shaped, shiny blemishes are frequently found around the middle of the body –

either back or front – as well as on the face. Most people aged over 30 have at least one and they are even more common in men than women. They are usually approximately 2mm in size, but can be as large as a thumbnail. The larger they become, the more raised from the surface of the skin they appear.  

Using Electrolysis and Thermolysis to treat Blood Spots  

The therapists at our Yorkshire skin clinic are highly experienced in using Electrolysis and Thermolysis to provide easy and effective Blood Spot removal treatments. The simple process will leave your skin smooth and free from blemishes.

Thermolysis involves the application of a small Electrolysis current to the skin surface. Your Bellissima Exclusive therapist will do this by tapping a very fine needle on the Blood Spot, which is quickly cauterised and removed by heat.

The skin is blanched and the red colour of the Blood Spot disappears, as the blood from the vascular blemish is reabsorbed by the body. The area may feel warm for a short period following treatment. Over the following 7 to 10 days you may also notice small crusts appearing on the treated area.  

How long will the Blood Spot removal treatment take?  

The treatment takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area. Most clients describe it as mildly uncomfortable, with a slight stinging sensation often noticeable in the area being treated. Normally, each Blood Spot will need only a single treatment, but occasionally a follow-up appointment may be necessary.  

Before your treatment 

A consultation will be carried out with your Bellissima Exclusive therapist and the area to be treated will be cleansed and sterilised. It needs to be free from irritation before Blood Spot removal can take place.  

After your treatment 

The area may have some erythema (redness) and oedema (swelling), but this should subside over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Small scabs or crusts will appear and may take several days to come away. Please make sure that you don’t pick these scabs as this may cause scarring. Once the scabs have gone the Blood Spot will have been absorbed, although it may take several weeks for the colour of the treated area to balance completely with your skin tone.

*Disclaimer: All treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent. We can't guarantee the results of our treatments. Results differ from person to person and the likely effectivity will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guaranteed.


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Blood Spot Reduction

A small needle and electric current is used on each blood spot, to cauterise and destroy it with heat


15 mins


30 mins


45 mins

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