It’s not for nothing that our premium exfoliation treatment is known as the ‘ultimate’! Using PRIORI Advanced AHA products, this relaxing yet intensive body treatment exfoliates skin at a dermal level – reaching down to the level of skin beneath the epidermis.

Full body peel treatment is a wonderful way to fight back against visible signs of ageing and to transform the appearance of dehydrated, dry, uneven, sun damaged or just dull-looking skin.

How AHA Full Body Peel Treatment works

Skin will be smoother, softer and brighter…

For such a far-reaching and effective treatment, a full body peel is remarkably relaxing! Prepare to unwind and enjoy yourself – but do make sure that you don’t have any waxing, shaving or any type of hair removal within 24 hours of your treatment.

When you visit us here in Leeds for your ultimate AHA body peel treatment, one of our PRIORI-trained therapists will exfoliate, buff, and peel your full body. Your treatment can be tailored to your own specific needs and priorities, paying special attention to particular areas of your choice.

Leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed after your treatment

To finish your full body peel treatment we will indulge you with an AHA body cream – leaving you feeling totally relaxed and your skin smoother and softer than you could have imagined.

After treatment we’d recommend that you follow these straightforward guidelines, to make sure you get the full benefit from your body peel:

  • You should avoid applying perfumed or other skin care products for 24 hours
  • Avoid any strenuous exercise for 24 hours
  • Avoid direct sunlight – or sun bed exposure – for at least 48 hours
  • An SPF 30 should be applied daily to provide regular protection
  • No waxing for at least 48 hours
  • No heat treatments for 24 hours

Body Silk Scrub – Full Body Exfoliation

This relaxing treatment helps remove dead skin build up from the surface of the skin. This treatment is perfect after the winter months, before a holiday in the sun to prepare the skin for an even tan, to buff and brighten a natural fading tan or to remove self-tan build up.

We will scrub and buff with a natural exfoliator and remove with hot mitts, following with a rich body cream massage to hydrate and protect.

*Disclaimer: All treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent. We can't guarantee the results of our treatments. Results differ from person to person and the likely effectivity will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guaranteed.


Treatment Price Price 2 Price 3

Body Peel

Remove every dead skin cell from the surface of your skin. The ultimate in deep exfoliation.





Body Silk Scrub

This relaxing treatment helps remove dead skin build up from the surface of the skin.



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