There are so many beauty treatments and homecare products advertised on TV and in magazines that it’s hard to know where to start making your choices…

At Bellissima Exclusive we have the professional experience and training to pick the best options on the market today. The advanced treatments and products we offer our clients are carefully tested and have clinical white papers to prove their safety, quality and effectiveness.

The Bellissima Exclusive advice-led approach to skin and body treatments

Here at our Leeds salon we have highly individual approach to helping our clients achieve the results they want. We offer a wide range of skin and body treatments and can advise on the correct options to help with any specific concerns you may have. Often a combination of treatments is recommended to work on different levels of the skin or areas of the body.

Your individual consultation here at our Leeds salon

When you first visit us here in Guiseley we will always carry out a complimentary in-depth skin or body consultation. With skin concerns we will start with a skin scan, taking photographs of the skin, examining its surface and beneath, measuring pigmentation, looking at broken capillaries, moisture levels, pore size and wrinkle depth. This comprehensive record can then be stored to track progress assess improvements throughout your treatment plan.

For body treatment plans, we will carry out a non-judgemental lifestyle consultation. Measurements will be taken and you will have the option to be weighed if you are looking to lose weight. We can then advise on a treatment plan for your specific needs.

Tried and tested treatment plans to address a variety of specific concerns

We have compiled proven treatment plans to treat different levels of anti-ageing concerns, pigmentation, acne, slimming and cellulite. Each plan comes with a complimentary consultation, homecare and treatment programme to attain the best possible results. These plans offer results-driven treatments to help you achieve the skin and body you have always wanted.

A cost-effective option for your treatments

Bellissima Exclusive treatment plans offer significant savings, with a payment plan available to help spread the cost of your treatments. Please speak to one of our team for more details.

The treatments and homecare have been carefully selected and tested to optimise results. This means we cannot change the treatments in the plan, or the timescale, as this would impair their overall effectiveness. If you would like a bespoke treatment plan, this can be arranged by speaking to our salon manager.

Anti-ageing Treatments and Individual Plans

Anti-ageing is possibly the single most important consideration of most people contemplating a treatment plan. Unfortunately, after the age of 25 our skin starts to age. Our cell renewal is slower so the skin can appear duller. Collagen reproduction slows down and we can see fine lines appearing. It happens to all of us sooner or later!

As we age the skin will be looser, muscles will begin to sag and fine lines will become wrinkles. Many of us also have a degree of sun damage which can show itself in pigmentation patches or visible red veins. Another common concern is rosacea, a condition which presents itself on the skin surface as red flushing, broken veins, dry, flaking skin – and, in the worst cases, a swollen bulbous nose.

You don’t have to live with the effects of ageing

A common mistake which many people make is to think that they can’t do anything about the effects of the passage of time.  This simply isn’t the case. You can reverse damage and ageing with the correct clinical treatments and products.

  • We offer skin peels from light to medium strength. Our light peels involve no downtime, but with our medium peels you may encounter some redness and peeling for a few days. 
  • DiamondTome® Microdermabrasion is a downtime-free treatment for mild to deep skin surface exfoliation. 
  • Dermal Roller Skin Needling is an advanced anti-ageing treatment, providing a natural way to address all skin concerns. Some redness is common after this procedure but you can apply your make-up the following day. Please note your skin will appear a little dry for a few days. 
  • We offer Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment for the skin on the face, neck and eye area. 
  • Omnilux® Light Therapy stimulates collagen, lymph drainage, circulation and brightening of the skin surface.  
  • The Non-Surgical Facelift is an excellent option for muscle tightening. Combining this treatment with PRIORI® homecare gives the ultimate anti-ageing regime. 

Book today for your Free Skin Scan and Consultation and let us help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted. For more information on on view our Anti-ageing Treatment Plans page. 

Acne Treatment Plan

It seems that more adults than ever are finding themselves suffering from the effects of acne. Clinical studies have shown that 40-55% of the adult population aged 20-40 are diagnosed with acne and 54% of women older than 25 have some facial acne.

Acne can be very distressing and has a strongly negative effect on your self-esteem. In extreme cases it can easily lead to depression and anxiety. The condition can be hereditary, or in some instances it may be brought on by acute or continual stress or hormone imbalance. It can even be due to something as simple as incorrect products being used at home.

People often mistake dehydrated skin for oily skin and treat it incorrectly for a long period – invariably creating more problems.  If you have spots on your face, but not on your body, it is very likely that something you are applying to your skin could be causing breakouts. This is because the skin is a single organ, so hormonal or stress related issues are not usually isolated to one area.

We will carry out a full consultation and skin scan to establish the root cause of your problem and work out a treatment plan to help you enjoy smoother, healthier skin. We have a tried and tested plan that works well on all acne complaints or can tailor-make an individual plan.

Acne Treatment Plan

  • Pre & Post Skin Scans and consultations
  • Twelve IPL Laser treatments
  • Twelve PRIORI® Skin Peels
  • Twelve Omnilux® Light Therapy treatments
  • PRIORI® Homecare

£1300 – save over £600

Payment plans are available. Please ask for more details.

Book a Free Consultation today or view the Acne Treatments page for more information. 

Body Treatment Plans combining the latest in Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction Treatments

Every magazine we pick up has an air-brushed image of a celebrity looking slim, toned and tanned. This is by no means real life! This, we all know, however, it still can still leave us feeling flat and wishing we could just lose those extra pounds or inches and in most cases eliminate that cellulite that just won’t budge.  It seems however much we exercise or watch what we eat we always find something we are not happy with. We cannot promise to make you look like an air-brushed celebrity but we can help you feel happier with the body you were born with, we can help you with an Individual Treatment Plan tailored to your needs.

We have the clinically proven Lipofirm® which works to tighten the skin and reduce fats stored in the skin. This works alongside cavitation to “explode” your fats cells which are then naturally removed using the bodies own waste system. We then follow up with Skin Tightening treatments to make sure you are not left with loose or sagging skin.

We can also offer LPG® Endermologie anti-cellulite targeted treatments which combine vacuum suction massage and palpitating/rolling techniques that are a new innovation to treat concerns such as orange peel, cellulite and deep fibrosis cellulite.

For a guaranteed inch loss 6 inches(minimum), you could achieve amazing results with our clinically proven Universal® Contour Wrap. Within  just a two-hour treatment, we’ll combine a unique blend of mineral rich clay and specialist body wrapping to help cleanse and detoxify your body while actively compressing the soft fatty tissues in your body to create instant and lasting inch loss. We have created a treatment plan to help on all levels of body contouring, slimming and toning, as with all our individual treatment plans, we listen to your needs first and then advise during your Free Consultation.

Body Treatment Plan

  • Lifestyle consultation including weighing and measuring.
  • Eight Lipofirm and Skin Tightening Treatments
  • Twelve Express Endermologie® Treatments
  • Three Universal Contour Wraps
  • £995.00. Saving over £300

Payment plans are available. Please ask for details.

Book a Free Consultation today or view our Individual Skin Tightening & Fat Reduction Body Treatment Plans page for more information. 

*Disclaimer: All treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent. We can't guarantee the results of our treatments. Results differ from person to person and the likely effectivity will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guaranteed.

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