If you feel that your jawline has lost some definition as you’ve grown older, you certainly aren’t alone. As we age, tension increases in the platysma – an important muscle of the neck. The muscle pulls down at the corner of the jawline, gradually leading to the development of a jowl or “turkey neck”.

A jawline definition enhancement named after an Egyptian queen!

Bellissima Exclusive is pleased to offer our clients a highly effective technique to counter these issues. Called the Nefertiti Lift, its name is inspired by the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, who was famous for her smooth neck and sculptured jawline. The treatment involves administering Botulinum toxin Type A – familiar to many people through Botox® treatment – to the platysma muscle bands in the neck and along the jawline.

By relaxing these downward pulling muscles, the lifting facial muscles have less opposition, hence the lifting ‘Nefertiti’ effect. 

What to expect from your Nefertiti Lift jawline enhancement

Results should become apparent within 2-3 weeks, with improved definition of the jawline and a reduction in jowls. You will come and see us for a follow-up appointment after two weeks, so that we can fine tune the treatment as necessary and review the muscles, comparing the effects with photographs taken before your treatment.  This appointment and any fine tuning injections are free of charge.  The effects of the Nefertiti lift last approximately 6 months.

Making sure you’re suitable for jowl tightening treatment

The Nefertiti is a Botox® lift treatment which uses “low dose” Botulinum toxin Type A.  As in any treatment of this kind, the Nefertiti lift is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, breast feeding, has an infection at the proposed injection site, has a known hypersensitivity to any ingredient in botulinum toxin type A, suffers from generalised disorders of muscle activity (e.g. myasthenia gravis) or who is taking certain medication that interferes with neuromuscular transmission or blood clotting.

In addition, the Nefertiti lift is not suitable for patients with excessive fat under the chin, heavy jowls or poor downward pull of the platysma muscle on contraction. If we find that you are unable to have treatment for any of these reasons, don’t despair! Bellissima therapists may be able to offer you alternative treatments to reduce fat and tighten the skin, such as a course of radio frequency.

The low dose of botulinum used in the Nefertiti lift means that the risk of certain reactions is reduced. These include muscle soreness, neck discomfort, mild neck weakness and headaches.  Correct injection technique is extremely important and this procedure should only be performed by a qualified health professional with advanced aesthetic training.

To find out more about the Nefertiti lift, and to discuss medical suitability, please book in for a free consultation with Caroline Mertens – Bellissima Exclusive’s Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner and Independent Nurse Prescriber.

*Disclaimer: All treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent. We can't guarantee the results of our treatments. Results differ from person to person and the likely effectivity will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guaranteed.

Before and After

  • Before


    Before the Nefertiti Lift treatment using Botox®



    6 weeks after the Nefertiti Lift treatment using Botox®


Treatment Price Price 2 Price 3

Nefertiti Lift

Muscle relaxing injections along the jawline and platysmal bands of the neck. Lasts approximately 6 months.


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