Treat cellulite and tighten your skin at the same time at Bellissima Exclusive

Here at Bellissima Exclusive, we always strive to bring you the most innovative treatments. True to our name, the new Combicelle® Anti-cellulite Treatment is 100%exclusive to us and our clients. A combination treatment which can banish and reduce greatly reduce cellulite is now available to you! Our second treatment option combines the use of the new Chrysalis® System to bring you Electro-stimulation with Starvac®. Whatever you choose, we have the cellulite treatment to suit your aims.

Cellulite, it’s a common problem…

Unfortunately 95% of women at some time in their life suffer with cellulite; they look in the mirror or sit down and catch sight of the “orange peel” effect skin surface and panic. Everybody always worries and thinks their cellulite is worse than it is. Take a look at our grading system below to evaluate the severity of your cellulite.

  • Grade 1   No visible cellulite even when the skin is pinched.
  • Grade 2  No visible cellulite when the standing or lying flat. Cellulite is visible only when skin is pinched.
  • Grade 3  Cellulite is visible when standing but may disappear when lying down.
  • Grade 4  Cellulite is visible when standing and lying down.

Cellulite is usually found in areas with little circulation. Without regular exercise it can be hard to budge, moreover even with enough exercise it can still be tricky to eliminate. If it feels like you’re fighting a losing battle, don’t despair, there are many modern treatments available which can help banish cellulite and greatly reduce it’s appearance and presence in the skin, our Combicelle® Anti-cellulite treatments is but one of these.

We recommend running, brisk walking and swimming to encourage circulation and increase lymphatic drainage.  At home we recommend body brushing to again increase circulation and lymph drainage followed by an anti-cellulite cream application twice a day with firm massage movements (Vitage®product available in-salon). This advice will also increase fat dispersion if done daily.

If you have a job where you sit down try to get up and move around as much as possible to keep circulation flowing, whether it’s a trip to the kitchen or a short walk at lunchtime.

A balanced diet can also help prevent cellulite, we also recommend to cut down on the following:

  • Processed foods and artificial foods that contain sweeteners
  • Additives and chemicals
  • Dairy and high fat products
  • Sugar and high sugar products in particular  are all thought to contribute to the dreaded orange peel

All grades of cellulite can be improved. Depending on type will depend on treatments needed. We offer complimentary consultations where expert advice with realistic goals and expectations can be explained. We also offer Individual Body  Treatment Plans if it is not only cellulite you are concerned with which gives a total overview of your body and any concerns you have with cellulite, fat reduction, inch loss or skin tightening after weight loss or pregnancy.

What is Combicelle®?

We combine Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Mechanical Massage with Deep Vacuum Pressure to not only break down cellulite, but to also flush the lymphatic system and tighten the skin’s surface.
Never before as a treatment worked in three different ways to treat the internal problem as well as tackling the skin’s surface. After just one course of treatments, you will see visible results to the treated area. For ultimate results we recommend a course of 8 treatments, leaving 10-14 days between each treatment. This is so the body’s own waste system has enough time to naturally remove the toxins using the metabolism.

Combicelle® Anti-cellulite  works to:-

  • Break down cellulite
  • Flush the lymphatic system
  • Tighten the skin’s surface

There is NO DOWNTIME whatsoever.

After your treatment and you can carry on with your daily routine and exercise regime. We would always recommend a healthy diet and a low intake of alcohol for optimum results. A full lifestyle & medical consultation will be carried out prior to treatment and we will document your journey with photographs that we capture prior and post treatment. In some cases surface bruising to the skin can occur, however this is only temporary and should disappear within a couple of weeks.

The treatment is suitable for any area of the body including legsthighs and above the kneestorso and arms.

Reducing Cellulite using the NEW Chrysalis System: The Elite Cellulite Treatment at Bellissima Exclusive

Using the Elite Cellulite Treatment system, a combined treatment can reduce cellulite in the most critical areas by increasing localised circulation and cell exchange. Combining Starvac® Cellulite treatment with Electro- Muscle Stimulation.

One of our trained therapists will start the treatment by applying Electro-stimulation bands to your area of concern. Using the UCW® Chrysalis machine we will then start the 35 minute cellulite programme. We will finish the treatment using the Starvac®, this is a special device which combines a vacuum suction massage with a palpitating and rolling technique. Combining these 2 treatments will reduce cellulite in the most critical areas by increasing localised circulation and cell exchange.

For more information please Book a Free Consultation so that we can assess your suitability.

*Disclaimer: All treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent. We can't guarantee the results of our treatments. Results differ from person to person and the likely effectivity will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guaranteed.

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