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Customer Information & Benefits

Bellissima Exclusive is committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence. Our 5-point charter encapsulates the essence of our caring and professional attitude to our clients.

The Charter

  1. To provide a high standard of professional practice

  2. To understand our clients' needs and advise accordingly

  3. To bring our clients exclusive treatments and be at the forefront of innovative beauty treatments

  4. To maintain an exceptional level of customer service and customer satisfaction

  5. To protect our clients by upholding rigorous standards of safety and hygiene at all times

Ensuring we meet and exceed expectations through customer surveys

In our last Customer Survey, 98.29% of respondents rated our customer service as "Good/Excellent"

To help ensure that we never fall below these standards, Bellissima Exclusive asks for Customer Feedback by email or text message regularly after clients have visited the salon.

Feedback from our clients is greatly valued and carefully considered - meeting our goal of continual improvement depends on knowing how customers feel and what we can do to meet and exceed their expectations.

Get Rewarded For Being a Loyal Customer

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Treat Card

To thank you for your loyalty we offer a treat card to all our clients. This card is scanned at all your appointments or when you purchase products from us. Points are accumulated towards free treatments. You can also gain extra points by giving us reviews online, social media, uploading photos of your visit with us or recommending a friend. Ask for a card today!


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