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Tailor-made Facials: Why Choose Us?

Whatever your skin type, a salon or spa Facial will make you feel relaxed and renewed. However, when choosing a Facial Treatment, it can sometimes be confusing to know which one to pick. You can look at the different arrays of Facial that are available such as the facial that promises to ‘lift and plump’, or the other one that will hydrate or calm to one that promises to tighten and renew.

What if you need all of the above or a combination?

A regular beauty salon has set protocols that staff are trained to carry out by their suppliers for each skin type, but as we all know – life is not black and white. For example, my skin is dehydrated on my cheeks but I have an oily T-zone and suffer from occasional break outs. With the best will in the world, there is no ‘off the shelf’ facial to treat my skin type. This where we, Bellissima Exclusive, are different…

Facials, Tailored to your needs and Skin Concerns…

Over the years of treating my client’s skin I became frustrated that none of the Facials on the market could offer all to treat all the concerns client’s skin actually needed. You could only treat one of the clients concerns at any one time which meant that clients needed more treatments, this made the treatment process much slower and much costlier. With this in mind I sat down to work out how I could treat more than one concern at once to give my clients the best treatment, to combat their concerns in a controlled faster and more economical way. Thus, Our Tailor-made Facial Treatments were born and introduced.

So what’s included in our Tailor-made Facials?

If you should book a Facial with us we would always offer you a Complimentary Skin Scan before we carry out your Facial with one of our skin specialists. This adds just 30-minutes to your Facial and gives us in-depth data and below-the-surface skin analysis. With below-the-surface vision, we can prescribe a Facial Treatment or course of Treatments to treat all visible and non-visible skin conditions before they reach the skin’s surface.

Specialist Treatment Machines & Cosmeceuticals

We have a selection of Skin Peels ranging from natural to deeper peels which means that clients with even the most sensitive of skin types can benefit from the effects of a peel. Alongside this, we have a range of specialist masks and clinically-proven Cosmeceutical Skincare which are specially formulated for a variety of different skin concerns. To complement our Peels and Masks we have a wide range of clinically-proven, carefully selected advanced machine treatments that enable the skin to reach its full potential.

We have Radio Frequency for Skin Tightening and the treatment of open pores, Diamondtome® Microdermabrasion using diamond tips from fine to extra coarse exfoliation, Non-Surgical Micro-current Face Lift for muscle stimulation, Omnilux® Light Therapy which is also used in hospitals for repairing the skin, collagen stimulation, increase hydration and lymphatic drainage and Dermisonic® Technology for deeper exfoliation, skin stimulation and treating breakouts and acne. New treatment technology and specialist machines are added on a regular basis to enhance our offering as it develops across the beauty industry.

Combination Examples: What can a client expect based on their concerns?

An example of a treatment you could expect when you book one of our 60 or 75-minute facials are set out below. Remember these are just examples and your facial would be tailored to your needs.

Example 1: 60 Minute Tailor-made Facial

A menopausal client that is suffering from hot flushes, mild rosacea, broken capillaries and very dry skin sensitive skin.    

With this skin type we would need to repair the acid mantel (the skin’s protection from the environment) so careful handling is important. We would use our Medik 8® Red Alert range of cosmeceutical skincare and start the facial with our Natural Coffeeberry Skin Peel which will calm, soothe, hydrate and brighten the surface.  We would follow with Omnilux Light Therapy which will help dilate the broken capillaries and reduce skin redness increase lymphatic drainage and increase collagen reproduction to repair the skin from the inside out. To help relax the client we would include neck, shoulder, hand and arm or scalp massage whilst the client relaxes under the Omnilux® Light Therapy Lamp.

Example 2: 75 Minute Tailor Made Facial

A 48 year old client that is suffering from loss of elasticity and muscle relaxation after weight loss and stress.

With this client we would need to work on shortening the muscles and reactivating the muscle signals to get them working again to their full potential.  Along with this we need to tighten the loose skin to give a firmer appearance. With the 75-minute Tailor-made Facial we would have the time to incorporate 2 of our machine treatments to give us optimum results. We would use our Priori® Advanced Cosmeceutical range of products for ageing skin throughout and then combine our Non-Surgical Face Lift machine to strengthen the muscles of the face and neck. We would then follow with Radio Frequency machine treatment for skin tightening. Both treatments make a powerful duo with immediate visible results. The treatment would be finished with our Enzyme Tightening Mask to compliment the effects of the machine treatments. We would also include some face, neck and shoulder massage for relaxation. A course of treatments would be recommended for longer lasting results.   

Make The Change Today…

Each and every client is an individual and that is how we treat everyone who walks through the door at Bellissima Exclusive here in Guiseley, Leeds.  Book your Complimentary Skin Scan and 60 or 75-minute Tailor Made Facial and take that first step to healthier skin.

Prices start at just £65 (individual treatment values would average £100 if treatments were taken separately) so our Facials are pretty good for the pocket too.

Phone the salon today (01943) 876868 to book or use our Online Booking System by clicking the button at the top of the page.

About the author

Tailor-made Facials: Why Choose Us? written by Sara Wellman

Sara Wellman - Company Director

Sara started training in Beauty Therapy at 16 years old on the YTS scheme at Yorkshire College of Beauty, gaining an ITEC and CIBTAC Qualification in Beauty Therapy. She then went on to work in a salon in Leeds city centre before opening Bellissima in 1992. Sara has worked extremely hard to make the salon what it is today, gaining numerous awards including National Customer Care Award and Premier Salon of the Year Award to name but a few. 
It is with her vision and expertise that Bellissima has continued to thrive year on year, consistently introducing new treatments and keeping up to all the changes and advancements in the beauty industry. Bellissima has grown through the 26 years it has been trading and Sara now employs 15 members of staff.

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