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Bellissima Exclusive welcomes Elizabeth Arden PRO® Cosmeceutical Skincare

Two Complimentary Pasts Combined to Make New History…

Bellissima Exclusive welcomes Elizabeth Arden PRO® Cosmeceutical Skincare Range

Change can be daunting but what if the change is for the better?

Priori® has combined their experience and science to create the most advanced skincare and salon treatments available on the market today, enter Elizabeth Arden PRO®.

US based CosmecueuTechs LLC (PRIORI® Founders), the scientists who pioneered the cosmeceutical revolution and pioneered the development and licensing for some of the industry’s most successful anti-ageing skincare technologies have teamed up with the well-respected Elizabeth Arden PRO® to produce something new that blows everything else out of the water… If you considered Priori® to be the best your skin has found, Elizabeth Arden PRO® will take it to a whole new level, we are extremely excited to be championing this new range going forwards.

Who was Elizabeth Arden?

Elizabeth Arden was a rare woman back in 1910, she was among the first to apply scientific innovation and exactness to the beauty industry. As far back as the 1920s, she was encouraging woman to hydrate and avoid the sun.

The philosophy, scientific research and experience of the two brands make for an explosive combination and truly apt pairing. Skincare has never been so advanced, and it is now available at Bellissima Exclusive. You can’t buy the Elizabeth Arden Pro® range in department or high street stores as it is a professional range.

How will this impact me if I’ve been using PRIORI®?

Don’t panic, some of our old favourites are still here but they have made even better with new powerful formulations. Cellular Recovery, Gentle Facial Cleanser and a few others are still with us. If your favourite has gone, it’s been super seeded with an even more effective product. For example, the whole Idebenone Range has been discontinued, but its replacement has been dubbed as “Idebenone on steroids!” and it’s already got our seal of approval.

New Salon Peels

New in-salon Peel Ranges have taken our Skin Peels to another level and you can now “peel-at-home” to achieve optimum results with your homecare.

To help you through the transition, please see the table below for product comparison and for more information on our new exciting products.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new Elizabeth Arden PRO® family!

About the author

Bellissima Exclusive welcomes Elizabeth Arden PRO® Cosmeceutical Skincare written by Sara Wellman

Sara Wellman - Company Director

Sara started training in Beauty Therapy at 16 years old on the YTS scheme at Yorkshire College of Beauty, gaining an ITEC and CIBTAC Qualification in Beauty Therapy. She then went on to work in a salon in Leeds city centre before opening Bellissima in 1992. Sara has worked extremely hard to make the salon what it is today, gaining numerous awards including National Customer Care Award and Premier Salon of the Year Award to name but a few. 
It is with her vision and expertise that Bellissima has continued to thrive year on year, consistently introducing new treatments and keeping up to all the changes and advancements in the beauty industry. Bellissima has grown through the 26 years it has been trading and Sara now employs 15 members of staff.

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