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From leaving school, to starting an apprenticeship... 

Beauty was something I always considered as a career path and when choosing what to do when I finished my last year of school I realised I had a growing passion for the field of beauty. It incorporated my love for beauty treatments alongside my growing social skills and practical-based learning style. With all this in mind, it quickly became evident that there was no better way than going down the apprenticeship route. I began my training course at The Yorkshire College of Beauty, which I attend once a week, and working within the salon environment, to gain real-life experience, 4 days a week in salon at Bellissima Exclusive. 

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Working in salon has, not only, meant that I am getting paid for work I love, it has helped me build upon my people skills, by working with a range of different age groups, and this is evidenced by me growing in confidence when carrying out treatments on clients. Working at Bellissima Exclusive has been a fantastic way for me to explore and observe all the different roles in salon, from apprentice to therapist, to senior therapist, to manager and even owner of the salon. I know that when I finish my training course and start my role into beauty as a full-time worker I can do so with confidence and ease. 

I started in the salon observing how it is run. My first role was working on reception duties, this included: greeting clients and seeing them out, answering the phone, booking in appointments, keeping the salon clean and setting up rooms for the therapists in order to ensure that the days run smoothly. Since then, during my apprenticeship journey, my roles and responsibilities within the salon have only progressed and grown. I am now NVQ Beauty Level 2 qualified and when in the salon working I have a busy column performing all different level 2 treatments on clients. I only hope this column and my schedule will grow and fill with secure clients in time as I complete the 2 year course and become NVQ Beauty Level 3 qualified. 

Are you stuck with what to do when you finish year 11? 
From personal experience I cannot advise and recommend apprenticeships enough. By doing such a course you are receiving fantastic training in both the educational and working environments which will only ever help you when building your beauty career.   

I am forever thankful for the opportunity, from The Yorkshire College of Beauty, for giving me the chance to do the advanced apprenticeship beauty course and continue being grateful to Sara, the owner of Bellissima Exclusive, for providing the opportunity to work in her salon to start my career as a beauty therapist. 

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From leaving school, to starting an apprenticeship...  written by Katie Dawson

Katie Dawson - Beauty Therapist

Katie loves all aspects of beauty therapy and particularly enjoys carrying out facials. You often find her on the nail bar or treating clients on the pedicure chair too as she has a loyal following for her attention to detail. Katie came "Runner Up" at graduation from The Yorkshire College of Beauty Therapy "Most Promising Beauty Therapist". 

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