Xanthelasma may be an unfamiliar word but the blemishes it refers to certainly aren’t a rarity. Yellow or whitish in colour, Xanthelasma is a flat-surfaced fatty deposit which appears on the eyelids.  One of the most common types of the condition Xanthoma, the cause of Xanthelesma isn’t certain, but may be associated with high cholesterol.

Because Xanthelasma appears on the delicate tissue around the eyes, some people would imagine it to be difficult to treat – but here at Bellissima Exclusive in Leeds we can offer very successful Xanthelasma treatments using advanced Electrolysis techniques.

How Bellissima’s treatments for Xanthelasma work

Great care is taken using a small needle and low Thermolysis current to shrink the blemish. You’ll notice some swelling immediately after treatment, and scabs will form – but don’t worry, these will normally heal within two weeks. Unfortunately, Xanthelasma can re-grow so follow-up treatments may be needed. Due to the sensitive, delicate nature of tissue around the eyes, extra sessions may be necessary to complete the treatment. We would recommend that only one eye should be treated at each session.

How we reduce Xanthelasma with Thermolysis

A 15 to 30 minute session is advised, taking place here at our Yorkshire clinic. The duration of your Xanthelasma Treatment will depend on the size of the blemish. Our clients tell us the treatment is only mildly uncomfortable, describing it as a warm stinging sensation that is very tolerable.

A consultation will be carried out with your Bellissima Exclusive therapist to discuss treatment for Xanthelasma in detail with you.

*Disclaimer: All treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent. We can't guarantee the results of our treatments. Results differ from person to person and the likely effectivity will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guaranteed.

Before and After

  • Before


    Before Advanced Electrolysis



    After Advanced Electrolysis


Treatment Price Price 2 Price 3

Xanthelasma Reduction

A small needle and a low Thermolysis current are used to shrink the blemish.


15 mins


30 mins

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